Brands today are more than just the products and services of a company – they are an extension of a person’s identity.


Here’s why you should work with us

This is for studio owners who…

… want to increase customer retention in their studio & make more profit than ever before

… like their studio to stand out with its unique selling points and reach the right target group for your workout experience with ease

…. are ready to organically increase the word-of-mouth advertisement & hype around their services without investing thousands of dollars into marketing campaigns and ads.

… want to attract and build a highly qualified team of instructors that is happy to work at your studio and be part of your vision for the long run

… are ready to step up their game as a studio and become a pioneer in the world of rhythm cycling

This is for spinning instructors who want …

… to invest in their education, freshen up their knowledge, and level up as spin coaches in this saturated market

their riders to improve in coordination and skills fast

… to lead spin classes that go beyond just being a workout for your riders

… to reconnect back to their personal gifts and teach classes that are fully aligned with their authentic core

build meaningful communities & convert your riders into loyal fans that buy and stick to you. 

…want to learn how to curate highly motivating, heart-moving playlists that blend well together and tell a true story

… to strengthen their voice and authority in the room without having to scream and damage your vocal cords.

What we offer


Our workshops are designed to improve a coach’s leadership skills, confidence, and performance in class.

Learn how to:

– improve your communication skills during class to connect with everybody and get people to do what you want them (not the other way around)

– create and hold up the energy in your classes without over-choreographing or over-complicating things

– connect and create profound, meaningful experiences with your riders during class (it’s not just a workout)

– transmit your authentic vibe with your music & your voice (incl. voice training & musicality training)

– lead your riders off and onstage with complete confidence & authority without losing your authority in the room

– create real moments of connection and growth in your class without faking who you are or having to memorize sentences and motivational quotes


Book us to come over to your studio! We love giving guest classes at studios and making the community of rhythm cycling grow.

The guest rides can either be themed-based (improve their riding styles, become better at sprints, coordination, etc.) or regular classes depending on your needs.


Are you about to open a studio and looking for somebody with experience to assist you with all spinning-related questions to save time and money? Or are you thinking of restructuring your team to improve quality and customer retention? Either way, we got you.

We have had the pleasure of consulting and assisting cycling studios in the past & love working with other individuals who want t create more than just another business in this niche industry.

Let’s change the game together

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