How many calories can you burn in a spinning class?

I’m sorry to tell you, but your fitness watch has probably lied to you. Opinions scatter when it comes down to the total number of calories burnt in a spinning class, and it’s understandable why. First, we need to determine what type of spin class we’re signing up for. There are three types of classes to find in studios: HIIT-based, hill-based, or rhythm-based spinning.

Since this is a site about Rhythm Cycling, we’re only going to relate to rhythm-based spinning in this article.

Class intensity and length

Depending on what type of class you partake in, the intensity and level required for the spin class can be different, and therefore the calories burnt to vary. A class length typically varies between 45-60min; most classes also include a 5-7min weighted upper-body session during class. And of course, as mentioned, the type of the coach plays a part in it as well.

The style of class can also vary from coach to coach. In general, studios like to keep a Blueprint to maintain the class structure for every coach, but you’ll soon find that every coach adds their own spice to the structure. That can be a class of many sprints, long moments holding the beat off the saddle, long upper-bodyweight sections, challenging choreography styles, and many hill sections.

If you’re looking for a rhythm cycling class around your area, look out for keywords like “riding to the beat,” “rhythm,” or “beat of the music.” Many coaches and studios offer their online classes if you have a stationary bike at home. If you’re unsure yet, if rhythm cycling is something for you, or in case you had a rather unpleasant experience with it, don’t give up just yet. I recommend looking out for coaches that other people in your circle like or looking for a coach that plays the music style you like online. Social Media is a great place to discover studios and coaches you can vibe with and widen your horizon about this class’s possibilities.

Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the engine that determines how well you can break down the energy you’re consuming and use it to move your body, store energy, and rebuild your body tissues. Personal nutrition, genetics, sleep, and stress levels directly affect the metabolisms and play a significant role in the ability to perform in its best possible gear.

Many other factors like diet, genetics, hormones, lifestyle, physical activity, sleep, and stress are involved in the performance of each individual’s metabolism and, therefore, their ability to burn calories.

Personal Investment

In the end, the personal effort of the rider determines the outcome of the class. A rhythm cycling class is a great practice to zoom out of everyday life and let go. Whether it’s blowing off some steam, challenging yourself, parting it out on the bike, or having a blast with your friends, there is much more to it than just burning calories in a class. Remind yourself always to turn the resistance up, and enjoy the ride.

The Verdict

Let’s crunch some numbers finally but in a very generic way. Taking all mentioned factors into calculation, you can expect to burn around 300-600 calories in a 50min class. This, again, heavily varies on the individual’s daily condition and investment.

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