What is Rhythm Cycling?

What exactly is Rhythm Cycling, and how is it different from any other type of spinning/cycling?

This is what we’re going to break down in this article.

What is the foundation of Rhythm Cycling?

Rhythm Cycling is a well-structured indoor cycling experience focused on riding to the downbeat of the music as one unity. The music is the essence of rhythm cycling and is carefully curated by the instructor to target different muscle groups. The songs determine the speed at which the riders are cycling. Rhythm Cycling is sometimes also referred to as “dancing on a bike” as choreography is added to the upper body portion while keeping up with the beat of the music. Most Rhythm Cycling Studios have a “club vibe” to them, as the classrooms are kept dark with only spotlights or candles to highlight “moments” if needed. This setup allows the riders to feel more comfortable in the room and enables the coach to make the class an incredible experience they won’t forget so easily.

What are the benefits of Rhythm Cycling?

Next to being a very effective cardio workout for weight loss, Rhythm Cycling also teaches the riders musicality, coordination, and overall body awareness. It’s a great exercise to strengthen your core, improve your overall posture and strengthen your glutes. The group dynamic is a big plus. Everyone is moving to the same pace of the music, motivating each other to show up and push through the tough times as one. It’s a powerful feeling when you feel that group dynamic happening in a class and let the music take over. It’s the perfect space to have not only a physical workout but also a mental release. You will leave every class feeling elevated and inspired. The dimmed lights allow new riders not to feel too exposed trying it out.

Why do people like Rhythm Cycling?

People love Rhythm Cycling because it’s much more than just a workout. It’s a place for people to come together, work hard and leave the room feeling accomplished. I’ve experienced many breakthrough moments from riders in class – whether it’s becoming fitter, feeling more confident, or finding a Tribe where they feel they belong.

What’s the difference between Rhythm Cycling and a classic spinning class?

Compared to a normal spin class, where the focus primarily lies on building muscles around the quads, calves & hamstrings, Rhythm Cycling tones the body & works mainly legs, core & glutes. It’s therefore impossible to get bulky legs from doing Rhythm Cycling. No special spinning shorts are required in Rhythm Cycling, as there is less friction between the skin and clothing as riders are mostly riding off the saddle instead of being seated.

How can I start Rhythm Cycling?

The best way to start is by looking for a studio nearby. If you’re looking for a list of studios specializing in Rhythm Cycling in Europe, you can find it right here. If you have a stationary bike at home, you can also find classes online to get a feeling for it. Nothing compares to the actual experience inside the room, though.

How do I prepare for a class?

Drink enough water before class & perhaps even have a light snack 30min before class to avoid dizziness. If you have sensitive ears, make sure you ask for earplugs at the studio (usually provided) or bring your own ones. First-time riders are encouraged to choose bikes in the second or third row to familiarize themselves with the class structure first & let the experienced riders lead.

What do I need to bring to class?

One of the most significant benefits of every Rhythm Cycling Studio is the neat studio experience. Each studio has been designed to make the customer’s experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible. All you need is your workout outfit (don’t forget the socks!). Everything you need before and after the workout is provided. From towels and spinning shoes for the class to deodorant, hairbands, tampons, shower gels, and other post-class beauty care products.

I recommend cycling with tight clothing, just like leggings or cycling shorts. No biker shorts are required either as you’ll be riding off the saddle most of the time, avoiding friction between skin & clothes as you’re sitting. If you’re male, bring a light T-Shirt & biker shorts, as it is forbidden to ride topless. If you’re a female, a sports bra & leggings are probably your go-to outfit. If you easily catch a cold, bring a shirt to cover yourself from the ventilation system inside the room to avoid getting a cold. Changing clothing immediately after the ride is also advisable to avoid getting sick.

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